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We provide free estimates for our professional pest control services.

Dealing with pests on your Post Falls, Idaho property is a frustrating experience that can make it difficult to enjoy your outdoor space. Some pests also tend to make their way indoors in search of food and water, which means you could have an infestation within your home if you don’t deal with the issue sooner rather than later. At Bug Blasters, we offer a range of pest control services that will eliminate pests for good. We have worked with many clients in the Post Falls area to manage a variety of different pests, and our technicians know how to properly treat certain types that may be impacting your property.

Pest Control Mice Post Falls, ID

Some of the most common pests we see in this area include yellow jackets, carpenter ants, spiders, earwigs, and wasps. If you’ve spotted any of these bothersome insects or arachnids on your property, give us a call, and we’ll send a technician to take a closer look. We practice integrated pest management, focusing on the safety and health of your family as our top priority. What this means is that chemical treatments may not be the only option. We’ll look at a wider range of treatment solutions to make sure you’re getting the right one for your needs.

We provide free estimates for our professional pest control services. When you contact us for an estimate, we’ll perform a full inspection of your property to figure out which pests have set up residence and determine how to best handle the problem. From there, we will get started right away to eliminate the colonies and nests of pests to make sure they don’t continue to bother you.


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