Will Mice Leave on Their Own, or Do You Need Rodent Removal?

HomeBlogWill Mice Leave on Their Own, or Do You Need Rodent Removal?

It is a common misconception that mice and other rodents that find refuge in your home or commercial building to avoid the winter weather will magically vacate once spring arrives. While the warmth may have been a contributing factor to them becoming freeloaders, you can bet they won’t give it up once they’ve realized it beats alternative living conditions. You also have to realize that spring is a busy time for breeding, and the new mothers won’t want to risk the lives of their babies by taking them outdoors.

you should call for rodent removal

Ideally, you should call for rodent removal as soon as you notice you have some unwelcome guests in your home, but at the very least, you really want them vacated before they start breeding and a much larger problem has developed. You also want them gone before they damage your insulation – they love that stuff as nesting material! Rodents aren’t especially selective in what they chew on, and if they chew through some wiring, you could experience loss of internet or cable television service, or even experience an electrical fire. The reality is that rodents are destructive, and they also spread more than 35 diseases, so putting off rodent removal hoping they’ll leave in the spring isn’t a prudent idea.

If you are experiencing rodents in your Post Falls, Idaho home or business, don’t wait for them to cause damage or become a large community of moms, dads, and babies. Call us at Bug Blasters for our effective, affordable, and prompt rodent removal services. We’ll take care of the problem in a safe manner, so you do not have to worry about disease, foul odors of decomposing mice, or other potential outcomes if you were to employ a DIY rodent removal method. Call today for a free estimate.


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