What You Need to Know About Yellow Jackets and Other Social Wasps

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In the western states of California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, the most prevalent wasps are yellow jackets and paper wasps, with yellow jackets being the most bothersome. The western yellow jacket will defend its ground or cavity nest energetically if you are foolish enough to disturb it or unfortunate enough to have done so by mistake. Of course, you don’t have to go knocking on their nest to anger them, as they can get perturbed just by missing out on feeding at your picnic table when you swat at them to leave or getting disrupted from checking out your garbage can when you went to add another bag of trash to it.

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There are actually several species of wasps that fall under the yellow jacket classification. Each has its favorite choice of nesting location, be it a rotted tree stump, rodent burrow, or in the wall or ceiling of your home. A colony can be anywhere from about 1,500 yellow jackets to more than 15,000, so it is important to call for yellow jacket removal if you suspect a colony is on your property. Choosing to try to handle yellow jacket removal yourself because you think it is a smaller population isn’t advised, as an attack of even a small number can prove excruciatingly painful, especially when you consider that their stingers have no barbs, so each one can sting you repeatedly – and will do so!

Paper wasps are not nearly as aggressive and actually seldom sting unless seriously provoked. Their nests are smaller, with just 15 to 200 wasps in residence. If they are present on your property in an area where you frequent, such as at the doorway or on your fruit trees, calling for wasp removal could be a more prudent solution if you want to avoid getting stung.

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