What Happens if Ant Removal is
Done Incorrectly?

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We have all done it – stepped on an ant or other insect and didn’t think twice about it. After all, surely the death of one ant isn’t cause for concern, right? Perhaps not, but if you handle ant removal at your home or business in this same manner on a larger scale, you could be headed for trouble. The reason for this is the complex communication capabilities that ants possess. A queen ant is very cognizant of those in her colony, including the females in charge for maintaining and protecting the colony and the workers that go out and forage for food. This is true whether the colony is comprised of a few hundred or a few thousand.

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So, what does that mean to you and your ant removal techniques? Simple – the queen knows when several of her workers do not return to the colony. She doesn’t react with aggression and revengefully send out an army, but she does recognize this as an attack on the colony and proceeds to create extra workers to safeguard the colony. So, when you perform ant removal improperly, the result is more ants than before!

Proper ant removal involves ending the colony, and that means getting to the queen and as many of the other ants as possible at once. That means to be effective, ant bait must be used that is carried back to the colony, where it is fed to the queen and the rest of the colony inhabitants.

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