Are Pest Control Chemicals Safe?

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If you are like most people, as soon as you see any traces of rodents, cockroaches, ants, spiders, or any other form of pests, you want them out of your home as soon as possible – and you want to be sure that they do not return! Pest control is a popular option to eliminate unwanted critters in your home by utilizing specifically designed chemicals get rid of pests – but are the chemicals used safe? This can be a major concern for homeowners (especially those with pets, toddlers and/or young children).  While some chemicals work great for pest control, it is important to know if they are safe for you and your family. Continue reading the article below where we breakdown pest control safety.

Pest control is a popular option to eliminate unwanted critters

All pest control chemicals are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA’s main job as far as use of pesticides and chemicals is to ensure that pesticides are safe for our environment and for our health. Some of the key roles of the EPA include:

  • Review pesticide safety data and information
  • Education professionals
  • Monitor compliance
  • Investigate problems
  • Monitor worker safety
  • Regulate pest control chemicals

A trained professional will be educated using EPA standards for when, where and how to properly use pest control chemicals. To ensure a safe and effective application, we strongly suggest hiring expertly trained professional pest control services.

If you are in the Post Falls, Idaho and need help with pest control, give us a call at Bug Blasters! We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our customers while expertly eliminating annoying pests from your home.


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